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Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford woke up one morning to find his life changed forever. His ongoing health conditions and bone deterioration culminated in a trapped nerve that left him in agony and unable to move. Recovery has been a very slow process for Kevin, involving surgery on his spine, during which time he had to come to terms with a drastic change in his mobility. Finding himself new to the world of living with disability was an eye opener for Kevin as he struggled to find out what services, support and activities were available in Clydebank. It was then that he decided to set up Clydebank Disability Group which later changed it's name to The Big Disability Group following demand from other areas outside of Clydebank.

The Big Disability Group was set up in June 2017 and posts on social media 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure people with disabilities know what is available on any given day. We have a Twitter account and a Facebook page as well as a chat group on Facebook.

We also run monthly focus groups where anyone from the local community, as well as representatives from local organisations, can get together to identify local issues that may need addressed and offer each other support to achieve this.

The Big Disability Group holds information and support open days in the community which allows local groups to showcase what they offer and to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to access this information.

The Big Disability Group became a registered charity on 23rd February 2018. 


The Big Disability Group are hosting our seventh annual Information and Support Open Day and this time we are going even bigger again!
This time we are bringing together over 50 local groups and organisations under one roof, every one of them offering support and activities for people with disabilities in West Dunbartonshire or Glasgow.
The open day is a great way to raise awareness of what is available in our area and we hope it will prove useful to as many people as possible, not just people with disabilities but their carers, support workers and anyone working in social care.  

For more information on our open days click here

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