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Throughout the entire pandemic, the Resource Centre has continued to provide a service, using a combination of telephone contact, on line support, and, when circumstances allowed, face to face meetings with clients on a one to one basis via an appointment system.

Over £3 million was generated in client benefits in the 2020/21 period despite the limitations imposed.

The achievement of the Resource Centre over the pandemic is due to the unstinting support given to the local community by staff and volunteers, contrasted with a sad awareness that dependency on us has seldom been greater. As the lockdown is gradually lifted that will become very evident.


The corona virus toll on human life will continue long after it has been brought to a point where it is manageable, and lives are no longer inevitably lost. It has been established beyond question that the poorest, most vulnerable, disadvantaged and elderly are most affected.

Those with underlying physical and mental health conditions, who have been unable to access support ordinarily available, will be in even greater need. Increased unemployment and accrued debts will impact on already stretched family incomes.

Tragically, during the lockdown one of our workers Dorothy Duffy died. This was not covid19 related but nonetheless came as a shock to all who knew Dorothy as an advisor, as a friend and colleague, as well as the many clients in the wider community that she assisted in her ten years plus with us.


As a debt , welfare and money advice service, the Independent Resource Centre will be on the “new front line” helping to bring some degree of normality back to people’s lives. It is going to be a long and hard journey for many.


Note  * Protection in the form of screens, masks hand cleanser etc is in place , risk assessments carried out, and  training has been given regarding client and staff safety.



Until otherwise stated the service will operate on an ”appointment only “basis.

Telephone 0141 951 4040

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