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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s No Life Half Lived delivers vital services to people in Scotland who are living with the effects of chest, heart, or stroke conditions.

After a diagnosis of a chest or heart condition or a stroke, many people experience fear and isolation and struggle with the impact on their lives.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland will not stand for that. The care and support we deliver every day ensure everyone can live the life they want to

Community Support Services

Our Services – by your side, on your side

If you need help, support, or information, we are here for you and your family. Our committed team of volunteers and staff work hard, day in day out to support people living with our conditions in their local communities.

No Life Half Lived will deliver our vital services to more people in Scotland who are living with the effects of chest, heart, or stroke conditions.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s Community Support Services provide support for anyone who has had a stroke as they leave hospital, return home, and resume daily life.

The aim of the service is to help people to overcome or cope with the damage caused by a stroke so that you can focus on enjoying life again.  People of all ages are supported and helped to relearn or adapt skills so that they can be as independent as possible.

Services range from communication support for people, who have developed speech conditions such as Aphasia/Dysarthria causing difficulties to speak, read, write or understand what other people are saying through to services for people affected in different ways such as problems with movement, vision, memory or thinking.

We have local Clydebank Community Support Services held weekly.

The community services groups during these unprecedented times have switched to online weekly groups.

In the meantime, we stay in touch with group’s members/family via phone or email (not in person) to provide each other with support.

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Call our freephone Advice Line Nurses: 0808 801 0899

Our free, confidential Advice Line service provides support and information for people living with chest, heart, and stroke conditions

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Call our freephone Advice Line NursesAdvice Line NursesAdvice Line Nurses: 0808 801 0899

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