Clyde Shopmobility

Clyde Shopmobility has a Scooter, wheelchair, and sighted guide service.


This service allows our members to maintain their independence, as well as reducing loneliness and isolation within the West Dunbartonshire area. This service is not only for individuals with a disability, but for anyone who may have come out of hospital and are finding it difficult to get around. Or have had an injury and need short term assistance.


We also offer a long-term hire service, which may benefit anyone with a disability or injury who may have come out of hospital and are waiting on equipment. Or anyone going on holiday who needs a mobility aid.

Our members comment regularly on how the organisation assists them on a daily basis and how they could not be without our service. They need the equipment we provide to get in and around the shops, meet friends, or be part of their community, they would find it hard to get out, leaving them feeling isolated.

Our sighted guide service allows individuals to go to the shops, leisure activities, events, meet friends. we had so many people coming to us saying they had missed appointments due to having difficulty reading their mail or not having anyone to read it for them. This service provides assistance for a lot of people.

Throughout the last 8 months Clyde Shopmobility have started up a walking group, which also includes a short introduction to healthy eating at the end of each session. This helps individual with their health and well-being as well as the members making new friends.

We have a knit ability group which allows all abilities to come and join, this is a weekly group and is proving to be extremely popular, the group have individuals of all different ages coming together and having fun. A lot of the members were so isolated and now they have made new friends, go on day trips and gathering information for fundraising events.

We have a yoga group, this has not only helped individual’s health and wellbeing, they have reported improvements with their balance and as a result two members who were falling on a regular basis have seen a significant improvement in their walking.

Our Men’s photography group was just getting off the grounds before coronavirus hit the UK. As soon as we can get back to some sort of normality, we can get the groups back up and running.


You can contact Clyde Shopmobility by telephone on 0141 952 7795

or on Facebook at