West Dunbartonsire Council

Communities Team

West Dunbartonshire Council’s Crisis Response service is open for referrals 7 days a week.

There are several ways to make contact:

  • Telephone 01389 738282 and select option 5

  • Text the word ‘Help’ to 07800 002 582 and someone will call you back

  • Go to the council’s website and access the ‘additional support’ page and complete an online referral. 

You can request help for yourself or on behalf of someone else through these options. 

What can the crisis support team do for you or someone you know?

We are working with our colleagues at West Dunbartonshire Community Food Share and Food For Thought to provide deliveries of emergency food to people in dire need.  If you or someone you know needs an emergency food delivery get in touch.

If you need ongoing help during the crisis we can help with practical things such as shopping or collecting medicines from the pharmacy or taking your dog for a walk.

We can also help if you are feeling lonely or isolated because of the situation we are in currently and feel you need to speak to someone.   

Over 1000 local people have received help and assistance since the service began and is being managed by the Council’s Communities Team and W4U. 

Moving Forward

Some of the lockdown restrictions are being lifted but we may remain a long way from the normal community interactions we experienced and enjoyed before covid-19. 

How can we help and support your group and your community as we move forward? 

If you would like to chat about how we can still work together to make positive change in the community and build upon what was achieved before and during the covid crisis, please call:

Colin Smith   07795540160          or       Brian McQuillan  07585883063