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West Dunbartonshire Council

If you are a community group or organisation working in and with  your community, if you want to start a community group or have an idea that you think will make a difference to your  community- the Communities Team are here to help you.

What can The Communities Team  provide?

  • Help to organise your group and develop your ideas

  • Committee skills and other training

  • Advice and practical help on how to engage with your members and/or your community

  • Help to find suitable funding

What projects are The Communities Team working on?


Community Empowerment:

Community Empowerment will be transformational for people and communities. This Scottish Government legislation changes the way Councils and other planning authorities work with local people. Local people have more power in decision making, can take ownership of places and land in their community and can have a much larger role in delivering services. The Communities Team can provide more information on this and support you to make use of the new powers communities have. We are also leading on delivering on the West Dunbartonshire Community Empowerment Strategy, collaboratively with local residents, Council services and partner agencies.


Community Transport:

West Dunbartonshire Community Transport Action Group is working to bring a community transport service to all of West Dunbartonshire.A pilot service has been funded by SPT which will begin in October 2021.The group need support from people with an interest in improving access to transport for people who most need it when they most need it.


Participatory Budgeting

This is an initiative that gives local people a direct say in how a portion of the Council budget is spent. Participatory budgeting can take many forms, and is being done in WD under the name Community Budgeting is small grant funding for local community groups, voted for by residents of West Dunbartonshire. We have just completed Phase 5 of this small grants programme, where 40 projects were funded a share of £150,000 and we hope to undertake it again in 2022 / 23.The Communities Team can help you to apply for this funding and support you through this process.


Community Alliance

The Community Alliance is the community representation and voice within Community planning and has a key role in taking forward the empowerment agenda and delivering on the Community Empowerment Strategy. We are currently supporting the Alliance to re-establish and encourage new members to join as it has not been active during the last year due to the pandemic. We are reaching out to community organisations who may want to be involved in the reformed Community Alliance.​



In response to the pandemic, The Communities Team recruited and supported a number of community volunteers to deliver assistance to people in the community. This work continues. If you would like to volunteer to help support others in your community, please get in touch.


Contact The Communities Team at:​

Or call Colin Smith on 07795540160


Kindness Campaign:

As we emerge from the pandemic how can we continue to be kind and supportive of each other? The Communities Team want to hear your ideas for projects that support kindness, understanding and cooperation.


Community Councils:

There are 11 active Community Councils across West Dunbartonshire all of which are keen to reach out to new members and increase their numbers. There are also areas where there is currently no Community Council. If you would like to find out more about joining a community council or establishing one in your area, The Communities Team can help. We are also currently reviewing the boundaries for Community councils and the scheme which sets out how they operate. We are consulting with community councils, community organisations and local residents on this and have established a steering group of community representatives to work with us on this.

Keep Safe Places:

The Communities Team are working with IAMME Scotland and Police Scotland to increase the number of Keep Safe Places across West Dunbartonshire.

Keep Safe Places are a network of shops, hairdressers, Council or other offices, community facilities like community centres and other premises within our communities. The idea behind the project is that if whilst out in the community any individual feels threatened or frightened or needs to speak to someone, they can go to a Keep Safe Place. Keep Safe Places have staff who will welcome the individual in, listen to what is concerning them and either allow them space and time to recover or take necessary action to help them get back home safely.

Keep Safe Places all display that they are part of the network on their window and an app’ with all the location of all the Keep Safe Places can be downloaded to your phone.

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