Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA)

Covid19 Update – GDA continues to operate during this time. Here is our updated position:

* Our staff have now moved offsite and working remotely and safely at home, practising social distancing or shielding as directed.

* We can be contacted by telephone on 0141 556 7103, email and online on our website, twitter and facebook.

*  GDA has taken swift action checking in with our members about their wellbeing by telephone and email and we are conducting a survey to find how they are affected by COVID19 and how we can help. We are attempting to reach our 5,000+ members and have so far reached more than 3000 and surveyed more than 2000 to capture their needs, priorities and ideas.

* We published our interim survey results on 27 April 2020.


GDA’s “Resilience Response: Leaving No-one Behind” has developed rapidly and features 6 key and overlapping elements during COVID19:


1.    Providing Wellbeing Support - initially contacting 5000 disabled people about their needs and priorities. We have now identified disabled people who are at risk across a range of areas and require follow up telephone support and other services – both internal to GDA and signposting. Referrals are also coming in from external partners.

2.    Identifying, co-ordinating and delivering essential shopping and other resources including collecting and delivering medication prescriptions to disabled people across the Greater Glasgow area in response to needs arising.

3.    Identifying, co-ordinating and delivering IT equipment and related resources and getting disabled people online, supported by set up and ongoing coaching.

4.    Providing Peer support and learning programmes including identifying and supporting learners to move online and also by phone.

5.    Providing Welfare Rights  - advice, support and representation offered by GDA’s two Welfare Rights Officers and the Rights Now project.

6.    Amplifying disabled people’s voices so that partners, including Scottish Government, can better understand the specific impacts of Covid19 and the response required to protect rights and mitigate the unequal impacts evidenced through our member engagement.


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