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Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) is a thriving disabled people led organisation with 5000 members across Greater Glasgow – and counting! We are the biggest groundswell of disabled people in Scotland and a leading example of a grassroots community of identity.

Through fully accessible learning, coaching, and events GDA connects disabled people with each other, with opportunities and with decision makers. We recognise talents and strengths and support disabled people to build on these, participate and be leaders in their own lives.

GDA is controlled by our full voting members: disabled people, people with long term conditions, and disabled people led organisational members in the Glasgow area. GDA’s member organisations make up the Glasgow DPO Network. Many individual members also run their own impairment-specific support groups e.g. for stroke survivors, or people with MS or Fibromyalgia, and social clubs for older people.

GDA Programmes support you to build confidence, set goals, and feel more in control of your life, helping you get where you want to be. We provide transport and personal assistance for those who need it, to remove barriers so you can tap into the talents, goals and passions you never knew you had!

Through GDA learning and events, our members connect to:

  • A diverse community of disabled people.

  • A network of peer support – sharing experiences with others in the same boat and identifying barriers, solutions and plans for the future.

  • Information, activities and support services to help you take control of your life.

  • New opportunities and crucial support to have your say, set new goals, and fulfil your potential.


To read Glasgow Disability Alliance's latest Learning Bulletin check out -

Full voting membership is open to disabled people and people with long term conditions, age 11 or older, who live, work or are active in Glasgow.

Membership is free – contact us to apply!

Members receive our newsletters and learning bulletins with details and invites to our free learning and events. Transport, personal assistance and communication support provided where needed.

Here’s 5 reasons to join:

  • Access GDA programmes, events and activities.

  • Join discussions and have your voice heard.

  • Meet new people.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Have fun!

Glasgow Disability Alliance

Room 303

The White Studios

Templeton Court


G40 1DA

0141 556 7103

0800 432 0422

Facebook:  Glasgow Disability Alliance - Home | Facebook

Instagram: gda_online

Twitter:  Glasgow Disability Alliance (@GDA__online) / Twitter

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