Clydebank Mens Shed

Clydebank Men's Shed is a mental health and well-being service, providing inter-generational social and workshop facilities for all men, but especially those who are both socially and digitally isolated, and economically disadvantaged.

Clydebank is an economically deprived area, and provide a meeting place that isn't a bookies or a pub. Gambling and alcohol addiction is a big issue in this area.

It is often said that men are poor communicators of their health problems, feelings, and emotions - we find that this, by and large, is true.
We have also found, however, that while men are poor at talking face to face, they can talk far more easily while working shoulder to shoulder.


Our workshop encourages those
who are physically able, to take part in workshop activities that better the community and our shed, to work on private projects, and to use these shared experiences to communicate their own needs and wants.

To contact Clydebank Mens Shed  - 

Website     or

Telephone -  07482 908705

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