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Neighbourhood Networks

'We are a registered Scottish charity based in Glasgow which for over 18 years has supported vulnerable adults mainly with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues to live an independent life, safely, within their own homes and be fully involved within their local communities.

We have Networks supporting members across the Central Belt of Scotland. The organisation has its roots firmly in the notion of the renewal of neighbourhoods and wider communities as places where people don’t just share the same streets but actively co-operate with each other for mutual advantage.

We employ Community Living workers to support each Network. They live in the same communities as the members which mean they have localised knowledge of the area and the facilities available. Living nearby also means there is early recognition when life is becoming difficult for our members and crisis can be avoided. Crisis can be the threat of eviction, utilities disconnection, mental health issues, hate crimes etc. The support we deliver is responsive and flexible, available day, evening and weekends and is tailored to the individual needs of each of our members.

Our members are supported to develop their own personal growth plan which focuses on areas such as independent travel, money management, life skills, employment, building friendships and relationships. Our members are supported to understand and deal with their responsibilities as tenants and neighbours to ensure they are not at risk of losing their home. Members are encouraged to share life skills and offer support to other members within their own networks and also across the organisation.'

During lockdown we have now implemented the following

Our work with members and staff across the whole organisation over the last 7 weeks have been to ensure that as many people we support and who work for us have access to both Wi-Fi and smart devices as possible. We are skilling people up to use these to maintain social contact and to engage in meaningful activity using our inhouse talent as well as some external facilitation. Regular weekly activities that have started include:

Mindfulness Courses​

Art Activities​



Online Disco’s ​


Exercise classes​

Virtual Singing​

This list is growing and evolving. ​