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We have 3 mains aims at The Advisory Group:

  • To promote the gifts and talents of people with learning disabilities.

  • To break down the barriers of discrimination.

  • And to help make a more inclusive Scotland.


The Advisory Group is an organisation run by people with learning disabilities. It promotes social inclusion and the creation of a Scotland where the gifts and talents of everyone are recognised and every citizen is seen to have equal value in society.

We do this through training, consultation, hosting social inclusion events and bringing people together.

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Game Changers


Game Changers is a national lottery funded programme that was launched in 2020. The programme has 3 strands within it: The Players; The Legends & The Co-Trainers.

The Players programme is about increasing the number of people with disabilities involved in playing sports. We are working with local sports clubs and facilities to increase the number of sessions that are aimed at adults with disabilities. We are signposting individuals to opportunities that are already accessible to them in their local area.

The Legends programme is about increasing the number of people with disabilities gaining coaching qualifications in sport. We will identify athletes that show an interest in coaching and work with sporting governing bodies to make courses more accessible to people with disabilities.

The Co-Trainers programme will use the gifts and talents of people with disabilities to help shape a disability awareness training programme that we can offer out to clubs and facilities across Glasgow. The aim of this training programme is to ultimately make every sports club and facility more accessible to someone with a disability.

With our Game Changers programme we aim to create the most inclusive city in Scotland for people with disabilities.

There will be more people with learning disabilities engaging in regular sporting activity.

•              Sports clubs and facilities in Glasgow will have a greater awareness of the needs of people with learning disabilities and will be fully inclusive in the services they provide.

•              There will be more coaches who have a learning disability and active roles in the delivery of sport.

•              Disabled people in Glasgow will be healthier, be active contributors to their community and by creating a more inclusive society we will have changed the game.


(Glasgow Green dance class with Dance4all. Now running every Saturday from 12-1)


Jamie from our Legends programme completing his Level 1 coaching badge with the Scottish Football Association

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