The Advisory Group (TAG)

We have 3 mains aims at The Advisory Group:

  • To promote the gifts and talents of people with learning disabilities.

  • To break down the barriers of discrimination.

  • And to help make a more inclusive Scotland.


The Advisory Group is an organisation run by people with learning disabilities. It promotes social inclusion and the creation of a Scotland where the gifts and talents of everyone are recognised and every citizen is seen to have equal value in society.

We do this through training, consultation, hosting social inclusion events and bringing people together.

As a result of lockdown we have had to move everything we do online. We have been running picture competitions, linked in with DANCE4ALL to help them promote their online dance class, set weekly challenges, had weekly song request themes on our social media pages, loads really!

The best place to keep up with what we are doing is our facebook page “The Advisory Group”, as we are constantly posting things for people to get involved in with.

Also, we received money from the national lottery community fund to run an exciting programme called “Game Changers”. The programme will be here very soon and is aimed at getting more adults with learning disabilities into sport across Glasgow. We want to help develop a pathway for people, but also raise awareness around what its like to have a learning disability in sport. For more information, please get in touch with Neil at TAG on 07795120523 or   



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