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Mable's Journey: Introduction

Tails wags and face licks to everyone, my name is Mable and I'm a Cocker Spaniel puppy. I belong to my Mum, Layla and she picked me to be her assistance dog. I'm also the Big Disability Group's newest office dog and in the future I hope to be a big part of the team and community.

I want to share with you my journey becoming a assistance dog and my experiences with working in the community in the future.

My Mum tell me I'm about 19 weeks old now and my legs are getting long. Now that I'm stronger, I don't totter like a baby and I like to do a lot of zoomies and I'm getting into all the trouble I can.

Because of this, I met some new friends who take me on long runs with other puppy friends. So that I get the exercise I need and learn good social skills. It's important that I get confident in new places that are difficult for my Mum to get to. I love my pals, we have a lot of fun.

Last week, however, Mum decided I was old enough to start school. So, a nice lady called Claire visited and we came up with a plan. She taught my mum how to give proper directions and when to give treats to help me learn at my best. We decided we wanted to focus on what to do when we're outdoors. We need to work as a team before we go on our adventures, so my Mum says. But before I can have fun I have to help her. That's my job.

To start to do this, I learned a few new words. Side, means I have to walk at the side of the chair without pulling and if I do that I earn a treat. Back, means move to the back of the chair. This let's my mum go ahead of me to open doors. Front, means go to the front of the chair for the same reason. I have to be mindful so that my mum can move more easily without worrying about me.

I like to say hello to everyone I meet but I'm told this is wrong. Instead, I need to focus on what my mum says to keep everyone safe. So, please don't get mad if I don't say hello if you see me. After the new year I'll be helping my mum at her work. I can't wait to meet you all at events. I love making new friends.

I'm told that there are big plans for my future and I hope to do my best to meet the expectations of me. I know, however, that as long as I am with my Mum then I'll be happy pupper. Keep your nose to the ground for the next update coming soon.



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