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  • Layla Blackwell

Mable Update

Excited tail wags to everyone. Mable here. Sorry it's been so long. Turns out life can be a lot more complicated than I thought. I'm about eight months old now and bigger than my Mum expected me to be.

I often like to get into mischief, especially to steal things and make my Mum chase me. She wasn't too happy about this one for some reason. I'd have shared, a little.

My Mum tells me that this season is called Winter. I'm not a fan. The weather is quite confusing to me. Especially when that strange white stuff falls from the sky. I'm not sure I like that. I definitely don't like the cold and wind either, or deep muddy puddles. My Mum is glad about that though.

I'm also afraid of the big white birds I meet along the canal. They always swear at me and I'm just looking. Mum keeps her eye on them for me though, I'm usually too busy hunting for sticks. I try and find the biggest one I can to drag home. Much to Mum's embarrassment.

Apparently, after a bit of a struggle she's found me a a class to start my training properly with other puppies. I'm meeting my new teacher on Thursday. I'm not nervous though, I know I'm a good girl already.

This is what I look like now. I humoured my Mum with a photo before I went out with my friends the other night. She says I'm getting too big to sit on her knee but she'll still cuddle me whenever I ask. That's what she's for.

Anyway, I have a new bone to chew. Talk again soon.

Barks and Licks,


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