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Team Introductions: Layla Blackwell

Hello there, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Layla and I'm one of the Editors of the Big Disability Banter blog you'll read here on the site.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy in 1987 and I have lived in Clydebank for about ten years now. Since becoming an adult I've been searching for the best way to use my life experiences to help others and life a better life.

I've studied basic counselling skills and social care to HNC level to build useful skills for better communication with others and I volunteered as an advisor for Citizens Advice. I also played wheelchair basketball as a part of the Scottish Woman Warriors basketball team for 5 years. This is where I learned how to really work in a team and push my personal boundaries.

The recent lockdown has refocused my direction in life and brought a couple of unexpected adventures my way. I decided to try to strive for two long-term dreams of mine.

I am writing a fictive memoir to highlight the realities of living with a long-term disability. Which I hope to have ready for publication by the summer. In the last week I adopted a puppy called Mable after my beloved cat passed away unexpectedly. I hope to train her as a mobility assistance dog.

Since finding and starting to volunteer with the Big Disability Group. I am so excited to see where this project will go and my share my journey with you.

I hope you'll join us along the way. Also, if you'd like to read more of my writing you can find it at:


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